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I'm sharing my knowledge and experience to you through my blog. I hope you find it useful and interesting

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Military Life

Having been a military wife for 25 years, Beth shares some tips on navigating military life with grace and a deep reliance upon the Lord.



Beth has been intentionally pursuing Christ during holidays with her children for the past twenty years.  She has discovered practical ways to incorporate the Lord into our holidays that is both fun and meaningful.  She offers suggestions on refusing the temptation to give into worldly ways and has distinctively different Christ-centered celebrations.  These are her ideas for celebrating the season of Advent with great joy and creating warm traditions that are steeped in Jesus.

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As part of intentionally pursuing Christ during the holidays, Beth shares her ideas for celebrating a Christ-centered Easter.  She challenges families to not give up something for Lent, but instead to dedicate time to intentionally focus on the events and significance of Passion week.  Again, these ideas are fun and create lasting joy that is centered around the gospel.

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 Since Beth believes that every day should be centered around Christ, she offers ideas for celebrating each American holiday with a focus on the gospel and other tips for raising kids that understand the significance of Christ and want to share that with others.  Her posts include the holidays of Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, Father’s Day, New Year’s, and St. Patrick’s Day.

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