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MILITARY DITY (Do it Yourself Move) or PPM (Personally Procured Movers) Packing Tips:

Updated: 6 days ago

Military DITY move packing tips

Here are some tips for military packing for a DITY move:

·      It’s never too early to start packing. 

After a holiday, pack up the holiday decorations as if you are going to load it on the truck, then it will be ready for your next move and you can avoid having to repack it later.

·      Set Packing Goals -

It can be overwhelming to pack up your house while managing a household (often sola) and maybe even working and caring for kids. If you break it down into more manageable steps. It will make the move easier and keep you from procrastinating to the end.  Figure out how long you have until your departure date, back up from there and figure out how many rooms (or partial rooms) you have to pack a day to reach your goal (adjusting for days you are unavailable to pack). Schedule yourself so many tasks a week or day and stick to it! Allow yourself some slack time because some unexpected things will inevitably happen – build that into your packing goals. Consider planning some small rewards to incentivize yourself for sticking with the plan.

·      Clear out a room entirely and use that room to store the packed boxes.

A garage can work, or a room that you don’t use as often – like an office or a dining room. Then, stack up all the packed boxes in that room. Pack a room at a time so that they stuff form that room stays together. Start with the room that you use the least.  Pack your kitchen last!

·      Label each box.

Label each box to indicate what is stored inside and which room it belongs to. Check out Box labels from BoxOpson Etsy.

Find more DITY moving tips and resources at this post. Find FULL or PARTIAL DITY MOVE TIPS at this post.

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