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Updated: 6 days ago

Full or Partial DITY Military Move tips

For the military, here are my top full or partial DITY move tips:

Collect Boxes

It is never too early to collect boxes.  Boxes are always available in military-friendly areas if you start looking on Facebook Marketplace, Next Door, or Military Installation Facebook pages. Ask your military neighbors and friends to save their boxes.  It would even be totally ok to knock on a stranger’s house when you see a moving truck. You can even go to your local recycling center and get boxes there. It can even help to post a “I need boxes” SOS message on social media.

Store boxes

If you have storage space, save boxes from your last move.  If you are military, you’ll be moving again.  Sorry – it’s inevitable for most of us.


Heavy Stuff

If doing a partial DITY move, move your heavy stuff in your personal vehicles or uhaul.  The more weight, the more you can get reimbursed from the DOD.  Free weights are a great thing to move with you.



Buy large inexpensive ZipLock bags to move your silverware in.  Save these to use in a future move.


Hanging Clothes

Gather all of your hanging clothing and wrap them in large garbage bags to keep them together and in order.


Get organized early

Last minute throw everything in the truck is not a good idea! See a whole post on this later this week.

Start purging

The less stuff you have, the less you have to move.  The less you have to move, the less you have to unpack. I know this may hurt you nostalgic types, but you do not need 5 sets of China.  Pick one or two. It is so much effort to pack and unpack them!

See more tips for DITY verses military contracted movers at this post.

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