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Speaking Topics

Here are some areas that I have spoken on in the past. If you'd like me to speak on another topic, I'd love to chat with you more about that opportunity! I recently obtained Christian speaking certification with Speak Up Ministries run by professional speaker,  Carol Kent.

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Embracing Your Spouse’s Calling to Serve in the Military as a Joint Calling

Beth began her military marriage as a bitter, reluctant, and selfish
wife who hated most aspects of the military life.  Regrettably, she
regularly made those feelings known to her husband, who was
serving on active duty.  Beth explains how serving in uniform is
more than just a job but a special calling that someone feels is his or
her duty to fulfill. By sharing negative feelings about the military,
Beth realized she was disrespecting her husband and increasing the isolation she and her husband felt.  Through some of her own
hard-learned lessons, Beth will help transform the perspective of the spouse to see their role to serve the military as a joint calling to
serve the military.  She will inspire the spouses to see that they too
can be on mission with God while they move around with the
military. She will also provide the spouses with practical tips to
embrace their spouse’s calling and encourage excitement for the
special calling that the Lord has on the wife also.

Lessons for the Military Wife from Sarah

Sarah, Abraham’s wife, faced many parallels to the military life
that every military wife can identify with, including:

  • A Permanent Change of Station (PCS) (a.k.a. military move)

  • A husband who deployed into combat

  • A husband who was called to serve his God and people

  • A life that seemed out of control but was divinely being
    orchestrated by God.

Beth offers hope-filled and practical lessons for wives to enable
them to experience the peace of the Lord in the midst of chaos and change.  Beth will point the women to grabbing a firm hold on a
sovereign God by gaining insight from the life of Sarah and address

some of the challenges encountered by military wives, such as:

  • Loneliness

  • Adjusting to moving far from home.

  • Relationship challenges.

  • Seasons of single parenting.

  • Supporting their warrior in combat.

  • Relinquishing control.

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Christ-Centered Christmas

The most critical thing Beth instilled in her children was teaching

them to choose where to spend eternity. Beth tried to point her
children to Jesus every day but created especially meaning holidays centered around Christ. The gospel is what satisfied and gives true
joy, so it should not just be shared one time, but should be shared
regularly. Beth will inspire moms to move from empty traditions to memorable habits that will create anticipation, excitement, and true
joy while focusing on celebrating the entrance of the Savior into the
world.  Beth will provide practical, easy-to-implement, and fun
suggestions for centering your families’ Christmas around our
Lord and Savior.

Christ-Centered Easter

As a way of centered your home on the significance of the substitut-ionary death of Jesus for believers, Beth will encourage her audien-
ce to celebrate the season of lent, which leads up to resurrection
Sunday.  However, instead of giving up something, she will encourage families to focus more on explain the significance of Jesus’
resurrection and appreciating the suffering he endured. Beth will
share ideas for fun-filled and meaningful ways to focus your family
on the real meaning of Easter. Beth will inspire moms to commu-
nicate the enormity of the resurrection by intentionally celebrating
it throughout the month prior to Easter.

Christ-Centered Easter.jpg

Re-Thinking Thanksgiving

The well-known American Thanksgiving story excludes the essential
details that during their cold and starving winter, the first Thanks-
giving did not include the day of feasting but was a religious holiday
of fasting, repentance, and prayer. The citizens of the pilgrim
community were starving to death due to drought and too many
mouths to feed. The community came together to cry out to the
Lord for deliverance. The Lord answered that same evening by
miraculously pouring out rain, causing them to rejoice greatly.
Abraham Lincoln combined the religious holiday, and the harvest
festival celebrated many months after the rain and took the name “Thanksgiving” from what the Pilgrims had celebrated as their holy
day. Beth includes ideas for returning the focus to remembering
God’s graciousness and honoring the religious freedom that the
Pilgrims came to America for and ideas for practicing gratitude.

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