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Book Summary

In the summer of 2024, in partnership with B & H Publishing, Beth will be releasing a book written specifically for military wives based on the biblical character of Sarah. This book offers hope-filled and practical content for wives to enable them to experience the peace of the Lord in the midst of chaos and change by looking at the biblical character of Sarah.

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This book will equip military wives to get a handle on the chaos and uncertainty of their life with a firm hold on a sovereign God by gaining insights from the life of Sarah. The lessons will address some of the most common challenges encountered by military wives, such as:

  • Loneliness

  • Adjusting to moving far from home.

  • Relationship challenges.

  • Seasons of single parenting.

  • Supporting their warrior in combat.

  • Relinquishing control.

When you think of a husband deployed into combat, a spouse called to serve God and people, long seasons of loneliness and solo parenting, a Permanent Change of Station, starting new relationships all over again, and a life that seems constantly on the move and perhaps out of control, chances are you immediately think of the life of a military wife.

But there’s another life whose journey has many parallels to these things—and that’s the biblical character of Sarah. Join author and longtime military wife Beth Runkle as she dives into the story of Sarah, offering thirty hope-filled and practical encouragements for military wives along the way.

Navigating the military lifestyle is not easy—but Jesus has His eye on those who are called to it, especially wives. Whether you face a parenting struggle, a marriage frustration, or yet another move, take heart in these encouragements as they empower you to embrace God’s peace and your unique role in His mission as a military wife.

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