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Tips for Being Your Military Man’s Battle Buddy, in Prayer (Part 2)

Updated: Feb 14

Are you neglecting your most powerful weapon to help protect all areas of your husband's life? You can be your military man's battle buddy, in prayer following these areas to pray over your man.

Prayer is a way to invite God’s power into your husband’s life. Stormie Omartian, author of The Power of a Praying Wife says, “A wife’s prayers for her husband have a far greater effect on him than anyone else’s prayers.” Do you sometimes wonder how to pray for your military man? Here are certain areas you can lift to God. I’d encourage you to select one of these each week to pray over your man.

This is the second part of a post on praying for your military man. To read the beginning of this post, read the post here.

6)    Your Communication

Miscommunication is the cause of many arguments. Ask God to grant you the ability to listen well to your man and be clear in communicating your desires, especially regarding the expectations you have for him. Solicit the Lord to take away a bitter spirit in either of you and to resist anger and hurtful outbursts. Request the Lord to grant patience that helps you to remain quiet when things are better left unsaid. Invite God to give you the ability to speak words of encouragement over your man to build him up. Petition God to give you and your spouse gentle, kind words for one another.

7)    Protection

Psalm 91 is often called the Soldier’s Psalm and provides a great guide for prayer for the Almighty God to be your refuge, shelter, and strength. Psalm 91:4 speaks of God’s faithfulness being a shield and bulwark.  A bulwark is a military term that is a wall that is built for defense against danger or injury. Isn’t it amazing that the Father would use military terms when describing his protection over us? Psalm 91 speaks of the Lord wanting to cover you with his wings as a place of refuge and his faithfulness serving as our shield. Invite God to inspire your spouse to seek shelter in refuge in the Lord. Pray for the Lord to be his defense against the enemy. Be direct; call upon the Father to protect your spouse from deadly pestilence. Request that God keep the enemy’s weapons far from your man. Ask God to command his enemies to guard your husband in all his ways.

8)    Reintegration after Deployment

Welcoming home your warrior is exciting and can begin like a honeymoon. However, some role adjustments can be challenging. Renewed intimacy after time apart can begin awkwardly. Ask for God to guide you and your man through reintegration. Request the Lord to grant patience for one another as you navigate being together again. As you reunite, pray that you would allow your husband to reassert himself into family life and parenting. Call upon God to help you release control, solicit his involvement, and clearly communicate. Invite the Lord to grant you patience while your man learns the new normal.

9)    His Temptations

Unfortunately, the frequent separations from your military man can provide more opportunities to indulge in temptation. Invite the Lord to guide each of your hearts and control your urges. When loneliness seeps in, invite God to grant each of you the strength to resist finding comfort in the arms of another. Pray for God to shield his eyes from lust and tempting visual stimuli. Urge the Father to send the Holy Spirit to help him walk away from visual images that lead him astray. Ask the Lord to prevent either of you from forming emotional or physical bonds with someone else during time apart.  Petition God to enable you both to choose faithfulness over giving into fleshly desires.

10)    His Priorities

Military service creates additional responsibilities and demands on your man’s priorities. For your husband to serve God, family, and country, his priorities need to be properly aligned. Beseech God, working through the Holy Spirit, to allow your husband to make God ruler over his life and heart. Petition the Lord to enable the Holy Spirit to enable him to thirst for time in the Word. Ask the Father to help your husband prioritize time in prayer. Underneath the priority of God, call upon the Lord to help your man prioritize your marriage and then children while balancing the demands of the military service.

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