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Join me in practically pursuing a Christ-centered home

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

For the past eighteen years, I've been intentionally pursuing Christ individually and for my family. I want knowing Jesus and having a relationship with Him to be a habit and not the exception. I've discovered practical ways to incorporate him into our lives from conversations in the car to how we celebrate holidays. I believe that American holidays are not so "holy" anymore and that we have to refuse the temptation to give into worldly ways and have distinctively Christ-centered celebrations. I have created warm traditions that are steeped in Jesus for each season of the year and given my kids some joy-filled memories. I've realized that giving my children joy is so much better than giving them happiness. The gospel is what gives us true joy. We shouldn't just share the gospel one time with our kids - it should be shared EVERY single day. I think gospel-centered conversations should be happening each day but not as repetitive boredom but with fun, excitement, and sometimes seriousness that kids can relate to. I am hoping my posts will inspire you to share the joy of knowing Jesus during the special days of the year and even on the not-so-special days. As a bonus, the traditions and ideas I have shared should also be truly fun for you and your family.

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