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New Year's Party with Countdown Balloons

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Last year, we hosted a game party for teens. I added some Scripture to the idea to keep the party Christ-centered. You can focus this around the theme of a clock by using balloons, labeled with times, in thirty-minute increments.

I planned my party to start at 7 p.m. with the popping of balloon # 1.  Place a Scripture printable and the activity inside a deflated ballon for each time (just cut the strips horizontally if you want to use my printable).  With sharpie marker, write the name of the time to pop on the outside of each ballon after it is blown up.  You’ll need 11 balloons.  When each Scripture is read, the person who popped it also has to read the question or prayer prompt and everyone takes turns sharing.  Tie the blown-up balloons to a wall or a large light fixture in your home.  Proceed with the assigned activity for that 30 minutes (most our minute-to-win it type games).  If you want to use a different time, just contact me and I can make you ones to fit your time.

To see 8 New Year's game ideas from another year, go to this post:

What other ideas do you have? Did you use this idea? If so, please share with me.

Download the FREE printable here:

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