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Nativities that can be played with

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

One of my favorite things I did with my kids was to have some nativity sets that they could play with.  Bring these nativities out during the Advent Season and keep them in a basket within their reach.  Inexpensive ones can be found at thrift stores and several toy stores sell nativities that are meant to be played with.  Encourage your children to periodically act out the Christmas story as they play.  You can also inexpensively make your own Nativity Story Stones that can be played with by your kids throughout the season - or you can also just print some nativity cartoon pieces onto card stock and glue to magnets and your kids can build the nativity everyday on your refrigerator: or I made the pictured set this year for my nephews using wooden peg dolls (purchased at a craft store for under $10 for a large set), a wooden box (craft store), and craft paint. I am NOT artistic, and I was able to do this set with little trouble. I love the box that the nativity can be put in that has a scene of the nativity on one side and the city of Bethlehem on the other. I literally made this kit for about $10 total and it was greatly enjoyed by my nephews. I even made a donkey and sheep out of peg dolls. I have wonderful memories of baby Jesus traveling in the back of play trucks or in a play doll stroller with my children during December. I love that baby Jesus was a part of all my kids did during Advent - because He is supposed to be part of everything we do. Since I kept these toys put away the rest of the year, my kids were so excited when I got them out each year!

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