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Military Moves: DITY versus Military-Contracted Movers. Pros and Cons.

Note: I wrote three posts with tips on moving for military couples, see the other posts here: Overseas Military Moves (OCONUS) and childcare help provided by the military when moving.

When you military orders to a new location, you have to decide if you are going to do a personally procured move (PPM otherwise known as DITY [Do-it-Yourself] move) or allow the military contracted movers to pack and haul your stuff. A DITY move can you or your spouse hire your own packer and movers, pack and move yourself, packing PODS that a company transport, or some combination of these options.


There are pros and cons to both choices. Besides cost, you’ll want to consider which option is best for your family. The military will cover the costs of moving all of your household goods (HHG) from one assignment to the next. 


Movers Contracted by Military:


·      Movers pack and move HHG for you, so less time is involved and require less physical effort on your part.

·      Movers reassemble furniture they took apart.

·      Contracted Mover can store your HHG until you are ready to receive them.

·      No expenses for you as long as you stay within your weight limit.

·      Damages to HHG are covered and reimbursed through a claims process.


·      Movers may damage or lose items.

·      Since your HHG may get put in a warehouse, you may have to wait to receive your HHG, especially during the prime moving season.

·      Furniture and breakables are more likely to be damaged or lost when they have to be stored temporarily in a warehouse.

·      During peak PCS season, you may not be able to reserve your preferred packing and moving dates which may be an inconvenience on your schedule either when leaving one location or going into the next location, or both.

·      The claims process can be time-consuming and slow


DITY Move:


·      You get to pack all of your valuables and make sure they are secured to prevent breakage.

·      You get to take all of your household goods with you and don’t have to wait for movers to be scheduled to deliver your household goods upon your arrival at your new installation.

·      Opportunity to make money as the government pays you what they would have paid professional movers to pack and haul your HHG. The less money you spend on the move, the more you get to keep.

·      More control over the whole process.



·      You are liable for any damaged or lost HHG.

·      You are doing all the packing, hauling, loading, and unpacking yourself. You’ll have to arrange for some strong lifters to help you load and unload the truck and move furniture.

·      Your reimbursement is based on the weight of your HHG so you have to weigh the trailer empty and full.

·      The paperwork process can be long and time-consuming.

·      Some costs will have to be paid in advance and then reimbursed by the military.

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