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Make Your Own Kid-Friendly Resurrection Scene

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

There are countless choices for nativities that you can buy or make at Christmas to display to point others toward the true meaning of Christmas. However, there are very few options for a resurrection scene. I found one manufacturer online, but their most simple one with just 4 figures was $90 and the complete set was close to $150. In my opinion, that is too much money! So, I decided to create my own. As, a bonus, my resurrection scene is always useful for your kids to play with to recreate Jesus burial, sealing the tomb, and the empty tomb found by Mary Magdalene and guarded by the soldiers.

To make this, you'll need a small set of wooden peg dolls (available at Amazon for less than $10), some craft paints, an empty tissue box, card stock, crayons or markers, and one small brad.

Using a piece of card stock, sketch a design that would be the cave type or large rock structure that will serve at the tomb. Cut this out and color with crayons or markers. Similarly sketch and color a circle that will serve as the large rock used to the seal the tomb.

Glue the cave structure onto the top of the tissue box, making sure the opening is aligned over the tissue box opening. Using the brad, attach the large stone to the side of the cave, making sure that when the circle is pivoted with the brad that it covers the opening in the cave.

Paint each of the peg dolls to resemble the participants: soldiers, angel(s), Mary, resurrected Jesus.

Set your scene up to enjoy as a decoration, or show your kids and briefly explain the resurrection of Jesus and how it offers us Eternal Life also.

One added benefit of making the peg dolls is they can also be used in your Resurrection Garden to help tell the real meaning of Easter.

On Easter morning, I plan to surprise my kids by having the stone rolled away and white cloths lying in the tomb, with an angel outside the tomb.

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