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February Words of Affirmation

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Beginning February 1, each evening, post a specific word of encouragement on a heart-shaped paper to the outside of your children’s or spouse’s bedroom door.  I use affirmations about who they are in Christ and what God says about them.  I started this when my kids were preteens.  The intentional words of affirmation were precious and quieted the lies of Satan that were tempting them at this critical age.  Speak into your child the potential that you know is there in Christ. Telling our kids who they are in Christ is powerful to renew their mind and inspire the Holy Spirit in their lives. My children loved the assurances so much that they kept the hearts up on the outside of their doors throughout the year.

This is part of the door covering of one February - I add a heart each evening after my kids go to bed.

Here are some ideas of words/phrases of affirmation you can use:

  1. You are loved!

  2. You are accepted!

  3. You are chosen by God!

  4. You are enough!

  5. God is for you!

  6. You are wonderfully made!

  7. God supplies all your needs.

God has a special plan for you!

  1. You are a daughter of God (son of the Most High God).

  2. You make good choices.

  3. I admire your courage.

  4. You are wonderfully made.

  5. God is FOR you!

  6. God delights in you!

  7. You are blessed and highly favored.

  8. God's grace is always enough to help you make it through any situation.

  9. You are strong and courageous.

Write these in your own handwriting, it will have more meaning to your kids or spouse.

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