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Easter Decorating to Point to Jesus

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

I am a firm believer in decorating for the holidays, especially Christmas and Easter, with an emphasis on pointing your family and visitors to your home to Jesus. I love that visitors to my home arrive to my house and even before they enter my house, they know that we know what the holiday is all about. Over the years, there have been several instances when these Christ-centered decorations started a spiritual conversation with a friend or someone coming to my home for a delivery or maintenance. When I first began decorating with an emphasis on Jesus at Easter, there were very few decorations available that were not bunny focused. Even now, you have to hunt for Christ-centered decorations.

Due to the Coronavirus, I know none of you are going to be going out to look for decorations but for future reference there are a few things at Walmart and Target. I even found a cute line of "He is Risen" decorations at Ross that was very inexpensive. Below is a picture of the sign I bought for $5 and the towel set I bought for $4.

I did make this "He is Risen" banner for my mantel and have displayed it for many years. It packs away easily and takes up little space!

I also made two wreaths using inexpensive round wood circles that you can buy from any hobby store (or Amazon). I just painted them plain white using chalk paint and used a stencil to add the saying to it. I found the cross on each wreath at Dollar Tree (it had a stand that I cut off) and the flowers came from Dollar Tree too. I just used a glue gun to attach the cross and flowers and looked up a simple ribbon bow instruction video on youtube. The hardest part was the bow! I'm not artistically talented, so if I can do these simple decorations, you can too!

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