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Decorating to Point to Jesus

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Since our family began celebrating a Christ-centered Christmas, we decorate in a way that makes it obvious to others that our family knows that Christmas is really all about Jesus.  This will be a two-part post where I inspire provide some ideas for outside decorations today and then ideas for inside decorations in this blog post:

Outside Decorations

We have found this to serve three purposes. First, it reiterates for our family that our Christmas celebrations should be about worshiping our Lord for sending the greatest gift into the world. Secondly, it provides an opportunity for evangelism. Visitors to our home or neighbors will often ask us why we have the cross or a particular wreath decoration. The decorations provide a conversation point. Thirdly, it blesses those who are believers. One Christmas, we discovered a gift on our doorstep one morning. It was a lovely, handmade glass ornament with a simple nativity. Inside there was a note that said, “Our family noticed your decorations that point to Christ. It blessed us, and we wanted to thank you with this gift.” We’ve also had other families stop to thank us for our decorations.

We display a large white cross, that is lit with a spotlight in our yard and loop a simple evergreen wreath over the center of the cross. Our hope is that it will convey to passersby that Jesus came to the earth to dwell among us because ultimately, His purpose was to die for us and take the penalty for our sins that we deserved. Each person in this world needs a Savior, perhaps your decorations can spark their desire to turn to Him this Christmas. I’m happy for you to steal that idea. It is easy to make - just grab a few scrap pieces of wood, an inexpensive wreath, and a spotlight.

Displaying that lit cross in our yard brought me a treasured friend during one of our assignments at an Air Force base in New Mexico. She and I chatted over the fence soon after she moved in. She mentioned that she had seen the cross we placed in our yard that weekend and wondered if I was a Christian. We has also just recently settled into our new base house after a move. I had a newborn and hadn’t had an opportunity to make too many new friends yet. Kelly became a treasured friend during those one and a half years we were neighbors. I believe that the lit cross opened the door to that friendship that might not have bloomed in enough time for she and I to grow close.

Another idea I learned was to place a wooden manger in your yard with a cross above it. Then, drape a long cloth between the cross and the manger to indicate that Jesus came in the manger so that He could die on the cross. Add a sign or garden flag that states, “Happy Birthday, Jesus!" to your outdoor decorating.

I also made a wreath that greets visitors to my door with a bold message of our faith. I couldn’t find a Christ-centered wreath seventeen years ago, but made one with a simple fake evergreen wreath, some fishing line, and the letters that spell out “Jesus.” I wired the letters to the bottom half of the wreath and then hung a simple red bow on top of the wreath. I’ve also made a similar wreath using nativity pieces, also hung with fishing line to the wreath. I have received numerous compliments about my unique front door wreath over the years.

You can also make a wreath that uses pieces of the nativity as the central focus. This would be easy to make, purchase a simple nativity scene and wire the pieces to the wreath. Add ribbon for a finishing touch.

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