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3 Amazing Ideas for a Christ-Centered Easter with Kids

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

I've got three amazing ideas for you this week. I will continue to post some ideas on my blog.

Make Empty Tomb Resurrection Cookies

Make "Empty Tomb Resurrection Cookies" with your kids and use the enclosed Scriptures and lesson to convey the importance of the cross and resurrection. This is best done on the afternoon or evening prior to Easter morning. Ingredients: 1 cup whole pecans (if you have nut allergies, substitute a chocolate bar); 1 tsp vinegar, 3 egg whites, pinch of salt, 1 cup sugar, ziplock bag, wooden spoon or meat hammer, masking tape.

To get the instructions and the spiritual significance of each ingredient, as well as the Scripture reading for each component, join my email list to get the link:

Buy an Easter Creche to display or for your kids to play with

Most of us possess a Native Creche, or scene, that we display at Christmas. However, it is rare for us to own an Easter Scene. Easter is MORE significant to our Christian faith than any other holiday. We should display a scene to remind ourselves and our children how thankful we should be for Jesus' sacrifice on our behalf. I found a few ideas for making your own Easter Creche. Building a lego scene would be a welcome and fun way to incorporate the kids. I found several on Pinterest. Check out this one I found that Masen Stevenson posted to Pinterest:

I found this one on Etsy which I am planning to make next week (similar to the peg dolls nativity scene that I made for my nephews that can be made for less than $10):

I love that your kids could also play with this scene and reenact the goodness of the Easter story!

For a free and simple idea, you can print these printable that I found on 1plus1plus1equals1:

Plan for a special lunch (or dinner) for Good Friday:

I modified this plan from an idea I found on Catholic Icing to better suit my family.

For instructions on what to buy, how to conduct the lunch and Scripture for each component, sign up for my email list and you will get the link to the PDF.

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