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Nativity Making Contests for Teens

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Do you want an activity to involve your teens or young adults into the Advent season? I've got two ideas that will involve their creativity and invoke a little friendly competition. Instead of a regular gingerbread decorating contest with my teenage children, we’ve often had a gingerbread nativity decorating contest. We used a gingerbread kit, but by using creativity, we adapted it to resemble the stable and nativity. We have also combined gingerbread crackers and sticky icing to assemble a nativity scene from scratch. I found my older teens and their friends enjoyed this more than traditional gingerbread houses because it required more creativity.

You can conduct a similar competition using Legos. Allow teams or individuals to construct a nativity using Legos. You can limit the pieces to the same number and size of pieces for each team or just allow the teams free rein of whatever Legos they prefer to use in the construction. To challenge your participants even more, ask them to also include the wise men on their camels. 

For younger children, you don’t have to host this as a competition but can work with your child(ren) to construct either a gingerbread or Lego nativity.

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