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Fly Birdie, Fly!

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

The day I have been preparing my son for all of his eighteen years has arrived. He is headed off to attend college on Saturday, a mere 25-hour car ride away. Several have asked me if I am an emotional wreck. Part of me wonders if my answer of “No” is wrong? Don’t get me wrong; I will miss him. I will probably shed some tears, but it is time for my boy bird to leave the nest. I have been preparing him for this flight ever since I was blessed to call him my son in a courthouse in Russia. I love him completely, but I must let him go. The goal has always been to launch him into adulthood. There are few people who would think it is acceptable to capture an eagle, clip his wings, and hold him in captivity. Imagine if all eagles were kept in captivity and we never were able to witness the eagle soaring gracefully above us on a picturesque day? Wouldn’t we be missing out on some of the beauty of creation? Wouldn’t the eagle be mission out on God’s purposes for his life? So, why would it be ok to clip the wings of my child?

Sure, he will make some mistakes. He’s an eighteen year-old boy, so he will probably make some foolish choices. He probably won’t eat many vegetables. He will stay up too late and drink too much soda. He will likely make some dumb decisions with painful consequences. But, I know that he has a God who loves him even more than I do and Who is sovereign. Part of what makes it easier for me to let my little birdie go is that I know God will use the circumstances of his life to shape and mold him and write His personal testimony for him. Although I might not trust every decision that my son will make, I do trust everything God will allow in my son’s life. In my own life, the most painful situations I have encountered are also what allowed me to grow the most in my walk with Christ and rely upon the Lord more. How can I want to keep my little bird caged up where he won’t encounter difficulty but won’t grow at all or learn to know God intimately and personally?

Will, I pray diligently for him?  You betcha.  At this point, passionate prayer is my primary job as his mother.  I will pray by myself; I will pray with my spouse; and I will pray with others.  I plan to join a group of Moms in Prayer mothers with kids in college for weekly prayer.

I believe I have prepared my son well - by God’s grace and provision, my son has a solid academic education, but more importantly, he has a solid biblical education. He knows Who God is, and He knows he needs a Savior. I have seen evidence of a walk with God in my son’s life, but that is no assurance that he won’t make blunders that may involve dire effects. My main job with him is done. He is still my son, but at this point, it is time for my male bird to learn to soar.

Just like the momma bird, I’ve got to push my birdie out of the nest, where he is comfortable, warm, and content because I know that the joy of him learning to fly is far greater than if he were to observe the earth that God created from the comfort of my back. God has experiences for Brody that may involve some pain and sorrow, but they will also involve more pleasure and potential for my son than I could dream of. God’s plans always exceed mine.

I’m pushing my bird out of the nest - it is time for him to fly!

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