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Easy Easter Art Projects for kids of all ages

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Given this is Easter week, I thought it would be helpful to provide you with some easy Easter art ideas that you can do without having to get more supplies (since most of us can't go anywhere due to COVID-19). These art projects are easy and fun and can be used for very young children through older ages. When you work on these projects, talk to your kids about the real meaning of Easter and why we celebrate. If you are doing the Egg Projects, talk about why the egg is a symbol of the empty tomb when Jesus had risen from the dead. When making the cross, talk about how Jesus did on the cross to take the punishment for our sin.

I recommend paint smocks for all of these projects and also washable paint.

Tape-Resist Cross

Take a piece of art paper - either water color, or pastel paper and tape off a cross shape in the center using masking tape.

Then, give your child various colors of paint and ask him/her to paint the entire surface. It is already to allow them to cover up the cross because you'll remove that later.

Look at my cute nephews making these.

Wet Chalk Tape-Resist Eggs

Using art paper (similar to above), cut out a simple egg shape. Use masking tape to make a design across and diagonal on the egg.

Take some regular chalk and wet it. Then, allow your child to color in the sections made with the masking tape, each with a different color. Wetting the chalk prevents the chalk from spreading and flaking when doing the art. After they have colored in the entire egg shape, sit it aside to dry. Once the chalk has dried, remove the tape to reveal a beautiful design.

Roll Around - 2-in-1 Eggs

Grace some of your plastic Easter eggs, a cardboard box, and some egg-shaped pieces of paper. Place the paper in the bottom of the box. Dip the eggs in a generous amount of pain, choosing different colors for different eggs. Drop the eggs in the box and then roll the eggs up and down, and side-to-side, to allow the eggs to paint the paper.

When you are finished, you will have decorated eggs AND an Easter Egg decoration to hang. So, two art projects in one! You can even do this technique for decorating hard-boiled eggs, although I don't think it would be okay to eat the eggs unless the paint is non-toxic.

Also, please remember my fun and easy idea for a special lunch on Friday, to recognize the significance of Jesus' death on Friday (scroll down to the end of the post):

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