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Beauty from Ashes

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

There are a few sights that most portray God’s skilled hand and majesty more than newborn babies or mountain sunsets. God’s artistry dwarfs even Michael D’Angelo. Many evenings a week, I gasp in awe of the picturesque landscape that God places on display across the painted skies and mountain tops behind my Colorado home. In less than thirty minutes, I can witness the beautiful transformation of the sky as a wave of colors dance across the landscape and darkening sky. Purples bleed into pinks and blues as the hues form an astonishing ombre spectacle.

For the past week, much of the forest lands west of me have been ravaged by raging fires. Although they are not close enough to endanger my city, the smoke has lingered into our atmosphere and diminished our air quality. Each morning, a haze of smoke slightly disguises the mountain tops, reminding me that the damage is still occurring and that the flames burn on. As I witness the suspended particles each morning, I am reminded to murmur a prayer for the conditions that threaten the natural habitat, wildlife, and mountain residents. The circumstances are scary and seem beyond any human control. As the blaze has destroyed and scorched, I’ve noticed the display of God’s splendor has increased in the setting sun landscape. Word cannot describe the beauty as the smoke mixes in with the bleeding clouds and reflection of sun that He made to shine. The presence of the smoke reminds me that the circumstances are still threatening, but the loveliness of the sunset reminds me that God is always at work. Even in circumstances that are out my control; He most often brings beauty and growth in our spiritual lives through painful circumstances. Even thought the flames are raging and frightening, the terrible occurrences are not a surprise to God, nor are they out of His firm grip. Faith in God cannot be built upon our circumstances; God is often at work during the threatening times to bring about something of beauty. Pain often is the fertilizer that we need to grow spiritually and to bring about God’s better plan and dependence upon Him. Just like God used the devastation of the fire to bring indescribable grandeur to the skies, he can use dire conditions to bring splendor to your life. Just like the fire is gulping up the evergreens and turning them to ashes, He brings beauty out of the ashes of our lives also. Faithfully and prayerfully submit to His fire; He’s crafting something of beauty.

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