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10 Ways to Share Jesus with your kids, neighbors, and friends

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Throw a Birthday Party for Jesus with these 10 ideas!

Throw a Birthday Party for JESUS: Host and invite other children to join your family. Activities for the Birthday Party: 1. Pin the Tail on Mary’s Donkey or Put Baby Jesus in the Manger or Put the Star over the Stable 2. Advent Ball Hunt 3. Watch a Video of the Christmas Story 4. Dress-up and act out the Christmas story. Video-tape it and watch. 5. Read a story based on the real Christmas story. 6. Do a craft such as a witness bead bracelet or any craft ideas that point to Jesus 7. Play a game with a gift wrapped in many layers of different wrapping paper - before starting out the game, talk about Jesus is the best we can ever receive with a short gospel presentation. The person to open the final layer gets to share the gift with everyone (which can be a box of chocolates). We share the gift opened because Jesus is a gift that is meant to be shared with others. 8. Bring a gift (Canned foods, toys for tots, cookies for elderly, baby gift for orphanage, etc.). Hide the canned goods in the backyard for older kids to find.  9. Sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus, “Jesus Loves Me” or Christian Christmas Carols. 10. Eat: Birthday Cake and Other Foods that Jesus ate: Raisins, homemade bread, honey, crackers, dates, nuts, olives, etc. Ideas for a Birthday Cake next!

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